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Porous materials are a kind of material with ordered and uniform porous structures (including sizes and shapes of pores and cages, dimensionalities and directions of pores, compositions and properties of pore walls). Materials with pore sizes less than 2 nm, between 2~50 nm and larger than 50 nm are called microporous, mesoporous and macroporous materials. These porous materials have already been or will be widely used as catalysts, adsorption separation agents as well as electronic, optical and energy materials.

Chirality is an essential attribute found universally in nature. Helical structure is an important expression form of chirality (asymmetry), and probably the most mysterious yet ubiquitous geometries in nature. Successful synthesis of materials with artificial helical structures provide opportunities for distinguishing the relations between helical directions and physiological and thermodynamic properties, explaining the complexity and particularity of nature, elucidating the formation dynamics, regulatory mechanism and functional characteristics of hierarchical helical structure, and also for the inventing of functional materials. Therefore, scientists in the field of the subject require several long-term studies.

Chiral porous materials have attracted much attention because of their applications and potential applications in sorbents, catalysts and optical and electronic devices due to their high surface area, large pore volume, controllable pore size and flexible functionalization. Since the porous materials have ordered porous structure, large specific surface area and porosity, they show widely application prospect. Mesostructured materials are of increasing importance because of their peculiar physical, chemical and mechanical properties due to their mesoscopic scale restriction effect. Therefore, the research on chiral-porous-mesoscopic integrated inorganic materials will be useful for understanding the mechanisms involved in nature and assists application in functional materials.

Research Subjects

  1. 项目符号 Construction and properties of chiral-mesoscopic inorganic materials

  2. 项目符号 Construction and properties of micro-mesoporous composite materials

  3. 项目符号 Synthesis and properties of mesoporous and macroporous materials

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